Better Together!

2020/2021 TEAMS

Our team ranges from ages 3 - 18 years old! We have 5 teams:

Local Competitive Teams Listed Below:

Mini Team

Ages 3-5 new to competitive dance with 0-2 years experience, trains 2 or more hours per week

Cutting Edge Petite

Ages 5-8 

0-3 years competitive experience, trains 3 or more hours per week

Travel Competitive Teams listed below:

(All travel teams compete in Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando, South Florida and attend a National at the end of June)

Cutting Edge Elite

Ages 6-9 trains 7 or more hours per week

Elite Black

Ages 9-18 seasoned competitive dancer, trains 7 or more hours per week

Elite Teal 

Ages 7-18 seasoned

competitive dancer, trains 10 or more hours per week


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We will be holding our 2021-2022 Auditions On May 22nd with a makeup audition on June 5th! Our intermediate and advanced audition routines are posted below to learn ahead of time. We will briefly go through them at the audition. Our beginner dancers will learn a short combo at the audition.

If you would like to inquire about our team please e-mail us, we are happy to answer any questions!


Advanced Tryout Combo

Facing Front

Advanced Tryout Combo

Facing Back

Intermediate Tryout Combo

Facing Front

Intermediate Tryout Combo

Facing Back